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M106 aircraft, UL260i engine
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M106 aircraft, UL260i engine
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M106 aircraft, UL260i engine

The following set of questions link you directly with the manufacturers website Q&A page. Please feel free to browse and any questions not answered there can be placed on our enquiries page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I convert engine performance figures under ISA conditions to the actual (real world) conditions?

Why develop a gasoline engine and not a diesel?

How reliable is the UL260i's Engine Control Unit (ECU) system?

Does the engine have redundant components?

Why doesn't the UL260i have hydraulic cam follower compensators?

What's the TBO of the UL260i?

Is the UL260i already flying?

What fuel consumption can I expect with the UL260i?

Why monitor all CHT's and EGT's?

What if my alternator fails in flight?

What if my battery fails in flight?

Why not water cooled?

How much oil does the UL260i use?

Since the UL260i has the same mounting points as the Jabiru 2200 can we use a Jabiru mount?

Is there a provision to mount a vacuum pump on the UL260i?

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