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M106 aircraft, UL260i engine
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M106 aircraft, UL260i engine
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M106 aircraft, UL260i engine
Mission M 106
Mission M 106

Light Sport Aircraft M 106

                    Mission M106 tailwheel version

The light aircraft Mission M 106 is the airplane from the Belgian manufacturer Lambert Aircraft Engineering.

The company is a specialist in the design and prototype construction of light aircraft having an all-composite airframe. Tests, manufacture and assembly lead to a light aircraft ready for certification.

The aircraft named Mission, integrates the latest technologies, achievements and developments in aircraft industry. The Mission M106 is designed to cater for all fastidious tastes, serving various purposes from training, private flying to recreational aero navigation.

The Mission M106 has the following excellent characteristics:

  • series of 2-seater Ultra light aircraft, certified to BCAR-S standards, built "ready to fly"
  • available with a nosewheel, or a tailwheel type landing gear, engines from 80 to 100 hp
  •  quick 5 min folding wings
  • excellent handling qualities
  • reliable and efficient engine etc.
  •  the four stroke four cylinder engine is air cooled and features FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control)

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