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M106 aircraft, UL260i engine
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M106 aircraft, UL260i engine
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M106 aircraft, UL260i engine
M106 Avionics
Mission M 106

A glass panel is standard equipment in the Mission M106. Recent developments in electronics have made it possible to produce very powerful and affordable avionics. 

The EFIS has a 3.8” display. This unit takes over the function of no less than 10 traditional flight instruments, including: altimeter, magnetic compass, air speed indicator, slip indicator, turn coordinator, artificial horizon, etc… An internal backup battery keeps the instrument alive in case of an electric power failure.

An EFIS with large 7" display is available as an option.

The EMS also has a 3.8” display and replaces all traditional engine instruments, including engine rpm, manifold pressure, oil temperature, oil pressure, cylinder head and exhaust gas temperatures, etc…

These compact and lightweight units leave enough room for optional panel mount equipment, such as:

   • GPS/moving map with 7” display;
   • VHF com radio with internal VOX activated intercom;
   • ATC transponder;

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